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The Appreciative Way

The Appreciative Way
Discover the essentials of the
Appreciative Way in this fast
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Rob and Kim Voyle.

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Creating Cultures
of Excellence

Assessing Skills and Discerning Calls

Appreciative Inquiry Based Guide to Mutual Ministry Reviews

  • Templates and Worksheets
  • For Congregations
  • Individual Performance
  • Coaching Strategies

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Welcome to Yes!3

The Appreciative Way

Yes!3 is designed to help you
grow an appreciative culture
within your congregation by
helping parishioners create
a purpose centered life
in which they can say:

  Yes! To God
  Yes! To Their Neighbor
  Yes! To Them Self

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Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

Practical Appreciative Inquiry based strategies to effectively resolve grief and resentment.

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Appreciative Inquiry


Appreciative Inquiry is based on the idea of discovering what works and gives life to an organization and building the organization on these life giving properties.  David Cooperrider, the founder or Appreciative Inquiry describes it this way:

"More than a method or technique, the appreciative mode of inquiry is a means of living with, being with and directly participating in the life of a human system in a way that compels one to inquire into the deeper life-generating essentials and potentials of organizational existence."
David Cooperrider

In using AI in churches we describe it as discovering "What in God's name is going on here" and then designing the church structure and programs to enable more of these Godly things to be done and participated in.

The 5D AI Model of Development

AI 5D Spiral of Development

The Five Phases of the Appreciative Process

1: Define: Awareness of the need for development.
Preparing for an appreciative process.
      Committing to the Positive

2: Discover: What in God's name is going on in your church?
Interview process and gathering of life-giving experience within congregation.
      Valuing the Best of What Is

3: Dream: What is God and the community calling us to be?
What would our church look like in 5 years time? Developing common images of the future.
      Visioning the Ideal

4: Design: Aligning ideals, values, structures and mission
Developing achievable plans and steps to make the vision a reality.
      Dialoguing What Needs to Be

5: Deliver: Doing Christ's Work in the World.
Co-creating a sustainable, preferred future.
Who, What, When, Where, How?
      Innovating What Will Be

The Appreciative Approach

The basic process is typically referred to as the 5D model of development as described above. Earlier literature also refers to a 4D model which did not include the "Define" phase as part of the process.
Other Models have included 4Is: Initiate, Inquire, Imagine and Innovate.

In essence the AI model uses a process of inquiry to discover people's best experience and use these experiences as a basis for imagining a future and designing the processes and structures that will make the imagined future a reality. This imagined future however is not just a fantasy because it is grounded in the experiences of the people involved.

What is noteworthy about the AI approach in comparison to other organizational development models is that it doesn't require a detailed analysis of problems or deficits. Consequently AI is less prone to initiating negative, blaming and judgmental atmospheres than problem focussed interventions. See the AI Philosophy and AI FAQs for more information on these differences.

A one page handout of the 5D model suitable for introducing AI to others is available in ".pdf" format at the AI-Resources page.

Training in The Appreciative Way

All of our Coaching, Ministry and Leadership training programs are based on the Appreciative Way.

We offer a blend of residential intensives and teleconferences to train you to appreciatively use your gifts for the benefit of others.

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What Participants Say

After 45 years in the pastoral ministry and attending three events led by Rob Voyle, I have finally learned a better way to help church leaders help themselves and the people they serve.
John Wilkerson, Director: Church Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Rob's appreciative coach training helped me to rethink the way I approach and provide therapy; Thanks!
Dr. George Moses, Pastoral Counselor

Rob will enhance your ability to delight in yourself, your neighbor and God through his insightful, practical, loving, professionally grounded, appreciative and often mischievous coaching and teaching skills; and that will make you a better leader and citizen in God's creation.
Ed Leidel, Episcopal Bishop and Congregational Coach serving North America

"Of all the training I have been to, your notes are the ones I keep coming back to time and again for practical resources."
P.W. Conference Pastor.