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Director of Training

Rob Voyle

Principal Trainer: Rob Voyle


Tele-Conference Schedule and Registration

  • Designed as training follow-up for our training participants.
  • Get just-in-time consultation and coaching as you grow your skills.
  • Protect your training investment by keeping the learning "alive in your mind."
  • For webinars please see webinar schedule

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Just-in-Time Consultation

Teleconferences reinforce and build on the knowledge base you received at a training program.

Participation in a tele-conference is a requirement for both the:

   Certificate in Appreciative Interim Ministry

   Certificate in Appreciative Coaching

Coaching Teleconferences for Just-In-Time Consultation
Date / Time Faculty Course / Type / Time Sponsor / Status
Weekly, 8:00 am EDT
Begins: September 6, 2018
Ends: August 26, 2019
Rob Voyle
Valori Sherer
Coaching Teleconference
Weekly teleconference
Thursday, 8:00 am EDT
Clergy Leadership Institute
Open to Coaches and Interim Trainees or those in Leadership Development
Limited to 8 participants
Registration Closed