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The Clergy Coach

Rob Voyle

The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle is a leader in the development and use of appreciative coaching in his work with clergy.

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The Career Coach

The Appreciative Way

The Dr. Kim Voyle is the Founder and Director of Pathfinders Career Services.

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Core Elements of The Appreciative Way

An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry for Work and Daily Living

The Appreciative Way is Rob and Kim Voyle's synthesis of Appreciative Inquiry, the work of Milton Erickson and his diverse group of students, and our understanding of spirituality as exemplified in the contemplative traditions of Christianity and Buddhism.

This positive way of being in the world and engaging in organizational and individual development is in dramatic contrast to many of the current problem-solving approaches to change management, that despite their best intentions often lead to increasing levels of negativity, blame, frustration, and poor performance.

Table of Contents

Introduction To Appreciative Inquiry
  What is Appreciative Inquiry?
  Appreciative Inquiry or Problem Solving

Understanding Your Purpose
  The Unfolding Spiral of Life
  Life Flows From What We Say Yes! To
  The Importance of Understanding Your Purpose
  Creating a Life of Purpose
  The Four Motivations
  Your Motivation to Do What You Do

Creating and Resourcing Positive Goals
  An Appreciative Model For Making Changes
  Radical Acceptance and Change Processes
  Creating Sustainable Change
  Seeking and Satisfying Objections
  Discovering Resources
  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to B

The Importance of Focus
  Focus on Your Preferred Future
  Living in the Present Moment
  Your Past: Resources for the Future
  Building on Your Strengths
  What About Our Weaknesses?

Creating Helpful Relationships
  Transactional Analysis Metaphor for Joining
  Compassion as the Agent of Transformation
  Freedom to Be You
  Creating a Learning Environment
  The Power of Storytelling
  Sharing Stories of Our Best
  Storytelling In Organizations

Appreciative Coaching Strategies
  Knowing Where and How to Coach
  Using the Spiral to Understand Transformation
  Turning Your Vision into Reality
  Locating Your Resources
  Enhancing Performance to Achieve Your Goals
  Personal Transformation Map

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Core Elements Design

This booklet is an ideal way to introduce Peers and Boards to the practical use of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology in work and daily life.

The 50 page, 8.5"x11", booklet format is designed to be a concise, practical, reference of the core elements. Rather than focus on the organizational development usage of appreciative inquiry this resources expands the appreciative approach into the moment by moment decisions that occur in daily living.

Each page is a summary of an appreciative element.

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What Readers Say

Rob Voyle has an amazing ability to frame and express Appreciative Inquiry for all of us.
Christopher Szecsey, Senior Associate Social Impact, Inc.

Rob and Kim's Appreciative Way series is an excellent group of tools to help you create an appreciative life. Rob and Kim combine a deep understanding of the theory of Appreciative Inquiry with their pastoral skills. All the guides are participant and facilitator friendly; lots of examples and exercises. I recommend their work as a way to define a purpose centered life, community and church.
Sue Hammond, Author Thinbook of Appreciative Inquiry

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