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The Appreciative Way News      Lent, 2024

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   Liturgy Update
   Holy Week and Easter
   Daily Office Prayer App
  14 Day cycle of Peace and Justice
  Themes Integrated with Lectionary
   Foundations of Core Transformation
  Online with Tamara Andreas
  March 15-18 & 23-24.
  All Sessions are Recorded and Available
  If You have to miss a Session.

Core Transformation

March 15-18 & 23-24.
See Online Schedule
and Registration

Use the Code ROBV for a $100 discount


Liturgy Update

I continue to upload liturgical resources as I get them formatted and edited from their original bulletins.

Easter Blessing: This blessing has a call and response format that articulate the meaning of Easter. It has also been welcomed by many Alleluia starved congregations.

The Last Seven Words: A Contemplative Three Hour Service

This is a fully formatted ready to print bulletin. It has a pattern of prayers, psalms, opportunity for reflection, and then silence for sitting meditation. This would be ideal for a group familiar with contemplative prayer and meditation. I have offered it on Good Friday in many parishes and while the attendance has usually been small the most common response was: "I only intended to come for an hour but I couldn't leave, Thank you."

Please feel free to edit and adapt all the liturgical resources to meet your community's needs.

View and Download Liturgies


Daily Office for Our Times
14 Day Cycle of Peace and Justice Themes with Integrated Lectionary Readings

This Web based Daily Office App was developed in the midst of Covid and the aftermath of George Floyd's murder. Like many congregations we offered daily morning prayer online and the App provided a way to connect parishioners and include specific intercessions for parishioners and the communities needs. Specifc prayer lists can be easily updated using integrated Data bases and the pre-determined canticles and options can also be changed to suit you needs.

The App also has the option for Inclusive and Traditional versions of all the Daily Offices.

The App can easily be personalize with your Logo and community name and is a great way for a dispersed community to share in the daily office specifically shaped for their community. The daily Themes are also easily modified and you can include prayers for specific ministries your community is engaged in.

The current Themes and Prayer Intentions are:

Sunday Week 1: Resurrection and New Life
Monday Week 1: Creation and Ecology
Tuesday Week 1: God's Providence and Hunger and Food Security
Wednesday Week 1: Wholeness and Access to Health Care
Thursday Week 1: God's Abundance and Poverty & Economic Justice
Friday Week 1: Racial Reconciliation and Dismantling Racism
Saturday Week 1: Sabbath and Slavery, Sweatshops, Sex Trafficking

Sunday Week 2: Resurrection and New Life
Monday Week 2: Beauty and Creativity and The Arts
Tuesday Week 2: Wisdom and Education
Wednesday Week 2: Governance and Political Oppression
Thursday Week 2: Justice and Justice
Friday Week 2: Forgiveness and Compassion
Saturday Week 2: Sabbath & Hospitality and Refugees

Please see Daily Office for Our Times To view the common version of the App. Please email me if you would like to set up a version for your congregation.


Foundations of Core Transformation Training
Online with Tamara Andreas
March 15-18 & 23-24.
All sessions are recorded and available if you have to miss a session.

While I have training and degrees in Theology and Psychology, my first degree was in Mechanical Engineering, and I believe that I still act and think like an engineer. I have a deep need to understand the mechanisms of change and to be able to use reliable and replicable strategies to help people change and find healing. I will confess that I was hopeless at praying for people because the lack of predictable and sustainable outcomes offended my engineering sensibilities.

I am particularly drawn to elegant solutions rather than descriptions and analysis of problems that masquerade as solutions. For that reason I spent most of my professional life on a quest to find specific strategies to respond effectively to the variety of pastoral needs I encountered.

It was on that quest that I found the Andreas Family: Steve and Connirae, their son Mark, and Connirae's sister Tamara. Steve was a master at being able to minutely observe and discover the specific steps to create sustainable change. For people familiar with my book Restoring Hope: Appreciative Strategies to Resolve Grief and Resentment most of the strategies I describe in detail, I learned from Steve.

Connirae and Tamara developed a process called Core Transformation an easy, step-by-step personal transformation method that makes change effortless and enjoyable. It works at a deep level, that could be called “transformational change.”

Benefits of Transformational Change Include:

   Easily changing behaviors–everything from nail biting to yelling at the kids.
   Transforming feelings, such as anger, fear, shame, sadness, disappointment, and more.
   Effortlessly changing judgment, negativity, and other unwanted thought patterns.
   Having a new “way of being” that’s naturally resourceful.

What I particularly like about Core Transformation is that it provides:

   A systematic step by step, replicable process.
   It is effective and efficient, with sustainable outcomes from only one or two session, that often go way beyond initial expectations.
   While not religious in any way, participants often and quite rapidly progress from a daily temporal problem state, to a core spiritual awareness of oneness, profound joy, peace or love. It is in this awareness that natural healing and transformation occurs.

You can find randomized, controlled research on Core Transformation at which verifies the effectiveness people have experienced.

I heartily recommend this program and presenter and think Core Transformation should be in every pastor and priests pastoral tool kit.

View Program Contents and Register Here
Use the Code ROBV for a $100 discount

If you’re intrigued, but you aren’t yet sure if this is for you, check out Tamara's Free Core Transformation Introduction Webinar

With Lenten blessings for your life and work.
Rob Voyle,
Founder of the Appreciative Way and
Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute

Coaching Appreciative Leaders for Today's Church

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