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Teaching Congregations
How To Forgive

Teaching Forgiveness

Teaching Forgiveness

  • Practical Processes to Teach People How to Forgive
  • Five Sermon Outlines
  • Five Adult Forums with Exercise Protocols and Scripts

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Teach Your Congregation How to Forgive

Program Cost

There is no specific cost for this program.

We ask that you make a donation, perhaps a $1 per person for your average Sunday attendance.

If you are using the program with a small group we suggest a $50 donation per group.

Here is a question: What would it be worth to you and your congregation to be free from resentment, and perhaps more importantly to be in a community that lives in the reality of Love and is Compassionate to One Another and the World?

At that rate you probably couldn't afford it, so somewhere between that figure and 50 will be fine.

Subscription Permissions

Your subscription allows you access to and limited printing of exercises and templates for use with your congregation or clients. Your subscription is not transferable to congregations or other entities, nor can you print or copy the resources for resale.

Program Donation: $